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Strata Switch provides a professional service allowing the owner’s corporation to switch strata companies hassle free at no cost to the body corporate. Strata Switch offers a specialist service from experienced strata consultants with over two decades in the industry assisting owners with sound advice to change strata companies.

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Is Strata Switch a strata management company?

No, Strata Switch offers a professional free service to strata schemes, body corporates and communities to find a management company that fits their needs and wants.


Here at Strata Switch, we provide professional strata management switching services in Sydney. We will provide you with sound advice assisting you and your company with the switch at no cost to yourselves. The whole process is hassle free as we have several years’ experience in the management sector offering quality advice to clients wishing to change strata manager in Sydney.

The advice we provide for our clients is comprehensive and allows owners of corporations to discuss and then offer the best solution to their strata management issue. As this information is completely independent it removes all the stress and the time wasted in completing what can be a potentially very frustrating process. We fully appreciate that different strata management companies address different needs but we facilitate with changing and dismissing strata within Sydney.

We will take the time to establish your needs, requirements and criteria and source providers on your behalf and provide you with the best way to switch strata companies. This gives you peace of mind that your strata management and assets will be completely protected.

It is natural that our clients and potential clients wish to know how the process works. Initially, you will be invited to complete some details on our home page and we will respond within 48 hours. Following this, you will receive a telephone consultation at a mutually convenient time at which point we will discuss strata management in Sydney, establishing what your requirements and objectives are.

You will be assigned a consultant who will meet with you, your EC and owners at a convenient location and date. We will then give a more detailed explanation of the process. At this stage, a Heads of Agreement between your strata plan and Strata Switch will need to be signed giving us the authority to go out and source information on your behalf.

If you would like more information about Strata Management in Sydney you can call us on +61 424948104, email us on or alternatively contact us via our website. We look forward to hearing from you.

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