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Phone Consultation

You will receive a phone call to begin the process of switching your strata management company with no cost and no obligations at this point in time. Your first step to a hassle free comparison and switch to a new Strata Management company begins with a phone consultation with one of our consultants. Our consultants are highly trained experienced professionals within the strata industry they will listen to your concerns and wants, help you to work through your issues, listening to your requirements for effective management of your property, this is their priority.

Meet Strata Committee and Owners

Our consultant will set up a meeting with you, your Strata Committee and owners interested onsite or at a convenient location on a date and time that suits all to discuss the personal requirements and wants of your property. Our consultant will show in detail the process involved in switching to a new strata management company. Consultant will guide Strata Committee every step of the way to the completion of the changeover process as per requirements under the Strata Schemes Management ACT 2015. At this stage a Heads of Agreement between your strata plan and Strata Switch will need to be signed giving us authority to go out and source information on your behalf.

Choices and Selection.

Once your requirements and wants have been established, tenders based on these criteria will be obtained by Strata Switch. These tenders will be given to Strata Committee along with any further advice sort to enable the committee to consider who would be the best provider for your complex.


Now that you have chosen your preferred tenderer the consultant will work with the Strata Committee to ensure a hassle free switch to the newly chosen strata management company. Once appointed and the terminated company hands over the strata books and records the new Strata Management Company will begin management of your strata plan delivering the level of profession service addressing the criteria and needs of your complex.

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