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Allow us to assist looking at options that work.

We will do the hard work matching you with three candidates to choose from selected on your criteria.

Switching made easy.

Strata Switch provides a professional service allowing the owner’s corporation to switch strata management companies hassle free at no cost to the body corporate.

Strata Switch offers a specialist service from experienced strata consultants with over two decades in the industry assisting owners with 3 choices of new strata companies selected to meet the criteria provided early in the process. This allows the owners corporation to compare, discuss and pick the most suitable company for their complex.

We provide an independent, personal service as an option for the Owners corporation eliminating stress and long hours in auctioning this usually extremely frustrating process. We understand that there are different strata companies for different requirements.

With so many strata companies now in the market place it is extremely difficult and time consuming for owners to collect and collate information to provide to fellow owners. The messenger is most often blamed when things do not work out as planned, Strata Switch takes away that risk. Once your criteria and requirements have been established Strata Switch will look at its source of providers and select the most appropriate companies to tender for your strata plan.

Strata Switch has compiled a selection of mainstream strata companies that commit to supplying a professional upper level of service in the strata industry with a high degree of accountability for their actions. This will ensure the owners have peace of mind with professional management and protection of their assets.

Strata Switch has invested considerable time and effort to screen and ensure each management company selected in our tendering process have committed to ethical and high standards. We shall supply choice of three such companies at no cost to the owner’s corporation.


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